The challenge

Due to persistent pressure from commercial enterprises on the producers, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the detectability of the core temperature.
Nearly all manufacturers who are manufacturing machines / equipment / devices now integrate PT100 temperature sensors into their devices to enable the user to record the core temperature. Usually, these PT100s are connected to control units, which switch to the next program step only after the core temperature has been reached. So far so good. But how is it ensured that the PT100 has also hit the center of the product?

Current situation

Usually it is placed by an employee who would have to be very attentive. As a security, in most companies the requirement of the core temperature is increased by 2-4 C ° in order to ensure the minimum requirement of the core. (instead of 68 then 72/74C°)

Human failure at this point can, virtually lead to defective products the product, which necessitates further time consumption thru manual follow-up measurement. Deviations in post-measurements of up to 3 ° C are not uncommon and are only 0.5 to 0.8 cm away from the center.


The requirements

in order to use MproS tool is = exact stuffing the filling caliber of your casing only.

All germs that are dangerous to humans are destroyed or reduced to human consumption at 68 ° C. For this reason, the core temperature of each produced must exceed this value. If it does not and higher germ levels are detected the manufacturer could face severe penalties from food authorities.
The retail chains are under pressure to prove the save quality of  meat products on there shelf´s. This pressure is passed on to the manufacturers and requests  a so-called validation proof   production process.
Regardless of the cost of production, the consumer expects flawless meat products at a reasonable price. MProS reduces production costs while at the same time preserving the requirements.

Core temperature requirement

Safety approval

additional expenses possible

Does your production look like this?

This is the usual situation in meat and sausage production. The additional energy required to reach a core temperature of 72 ° C as a safety factor – for which an ambient temperature of 8 ° C is needed – is considerable as a percentage and the time required is up to 30 minutes. Time and energy are the resources of all production companies, which are decisive for the pricing of the product. This led us to the idea of MProS.

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